Monthly Archives: January 2019

Allendale-Benedict Housing Disaster

Many of you have heard about the displacement and deaths of Section 8 housing residents from nearby (Harden Street). BLSA, WIL and Pro Bono have teamed up to try to provide some relief and comfort to these people. Many of them are elderly and all are low income. For many this has been their home for many years and they are now living in a hotel with no idea whether they will return to not. Carbon monoxide is a killer! It has seriously upset this close knit community. You can step up and help with just small things. They next time you go to the store (or even better make a special trip) pick up a few of these items and drop them in the donation boxes in the Commons. Collection will be from Jan 28- Feb. 8th

New Year News!

Here is your January Pro Bono Newsletter! Remember this only touches on a few opportunities, Schedule a time to come by the office and talk, we always have a few projects that can use some love!