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End of the Year Clearance BLITZ

Yes, we will be having a MEGA-BLITZ to help reduce the backlog of questions posted to the SC Bar Free Legal Answers online forum. Mega in the sense that it will go on all day!

Two shifts- leading off with the coffee crowd from 10-12!  The clean up team will pick up at 2 and go until 5 with a goal of finish early and being rewarded with a virtual adult beverage!

This is also MEGA in that 1L’s you are now welcome to join us. You have that first semester under your belt and enough knowledge to help find answers.

Sign up is easy. Go to:

Zoom links are in the Sign Up Genius link! Copy and drop to your calendar

Also here are a few tips to help make the process a bit easier understand Virtual Blitz Guidelines

Summer Research opportunity with a dash of lawyer supervision!

Greetings and I hope this finds you well.

I am reaching out to you as many of you have indicated that you might have time for a pro bono project. If you are interested and have the time over the next 4-6 weeks here is the project:

Updating information in the Law School for Non-Lawyers Handbook.
The manual sections were each drafted by an attorney and are designed for non-lawyers. It has been a few years since the material has been reviewed and updated, that is where you enter the picture.
I have attached the following:
A job description
A list of the remaining topics ( subject to change)
Tips on updating the material

After reviewing the attachments, let me know if you are interested and if so what topics appeal the most. I will do my best to assign you your choice but that may not work for everyone so have a second and third choice.  Embrace this an opportunity to explore something new.

As soon as you get in touch and are assigned a topic, review it and consider what changes you think need to be made. This is where the tips come in to play! Contact me and I will put you in touch with the attorney so that you can discuss and make changes.

Thanks for your interest in helping and hopefully you will gain some valuable experience and a new contact! And if you are too busy to commit, do not feel bad, I always appreciate honesty

LSNL Job description

Tips and instructions

LSNL TofC assigned


COVID-19 Disaster Hotline Volunteers

The SC Bar has set up a COVID-19 Disaster Hotline and is need of a team of volunteers to help retrieve and manage the incoming calls. Right now we have limited knowledge how much this hotline will be used but just in case Betsy Goodale, the SC Bar Pro Bono Program Director and I have talked and are working on step by step instructions. Bottom line, volunteers will be assigned a scheduled day of the week, when they will retrieve any messages recorded.  Once retrieved the student will determine several lines of inquiry. Is the issue COVID-19 related? Is the issue civil or criminal? The volunteer will follow a series of steps to secure more information, keep track of the process and hopefully be able to refer the client to either a local organization for help or to one of the many lawyers who have volunteered to answer questions.  The lawyers will be asked if they would like additional help from the student thus allowing for a continued connection and more experience.

At this time to sign up, simply go to: Complete the form and enter COVID-19 as the project. I will respond with much more information.