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12th Incoming Law Student Community Service Project UPDATE

WOW! it was not 100º or raining!  This year storage units were the theme! Several organizations had teams organizing storage units. Boxes were made, conference and race material assembled, clothes sorted, food and backpacks stuffed and all kinds of things moved.

Thanks to everyone who stepped up and made a real difference to our community. Give yourself a pat on the back!  Enjoy a few photos


New Semester, New Projects

We have added two new volunteer opportunities this semester.  The first one is the Homeless Court- Case Preparation Project. Volunteers will be assigned by the 5th Circuit Public Defender’s Office to a case that is pending before the Homeless Court. With some guidelines in hand the volunteer will seek information, interview the client, contact the service providers and do what is necessary to prepare the case for a hearing before the Homeless Court.  There is even a possibility that the volunteer can help present the information gathered to the Court. The Homeless Court meets at 2 at Transitions on the last Tuesday of each month.

The other new project also involves the 5th Circuit Public Defender’s Office- a Special Research Project. Volunteers will work in teams to collect information about topical resources, assemble into a coherent package and draft next steps for clients. Topics range from common Family Court  issues such as custody, visitation and divorce; Section 8 housing; and expungement.  These Need-To-Know materials will be valuable resource with several projects now and in the future.

Both projects have full job descriptions on the Pro Bono Website at:

Sign up to volunteer online: