Monthly Archives: April 2021

Laughter is the best medicine…

…a good chuckle or a full-blown belly laugh helps reduce stress and causes you to think positively!  If you need a good laugh check out the selection of cartoons posted on the bulletin board in the hall next to the Pro Bono Program office ( Room 386). There is something for everyone!


We are pleased to announce the selection of our 2021-22 Pro Bono Program Board and officers.  These amazing students will help lead the program as we enter our 32nd year of making a difference.


The Pro Bono Program is pleased to announce the 2021 award recipients. This select group of volunteers represent the best of the best. They were nominated by community partners and fellow students because they reflect the most committed and dedicated volunteers.  As in the past 31 years this group of students is often comprised of unsung heroes!  They do not volunteer for the glory or even the award but they volunteer because they truly want to help and their actions reflect that desire.  We could not be prouder of them. Please take a moment to congratulate them.


199 tax returns!

Congratulations to our 2021 VITA Team!  Inspire of COVID-19 restrictions we were still able to interview, prepare, efile and mail 199 tax returns this year! In just 7 weeks. Thank these volunteers if you see them!

Kelsey Abbey.        Andrew Balcerzak #.       Isabella Blanes         Logan Brown #.                  Caroline Buchanan.     Patrick Cleary *#.     Emma Cummings *#.   Eva Diaz.                                                             Rachel Gibbs.   Mya Green *#       Jeff Gurney *#.     Joseph Hale #.   Rebecca Kennedy.          Lillian Lawrence.   Jack Mann.   David McMillan *#.     Jonathan Moon #. Elvira Oviedo.          Nicole Pares       Alisa Patterson.   Nic Perkins #.   Christina Perry *#.    Nicholas Quatraro   Madison Rhinehart.   Kristen Soucy.   Chase Thompson. Sudria Twyman.                      Jonathan Umbriano #.           Clint Wallace *#.           India Whaley#

* Indicates attorney                      # Indicates- preparers