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Model Answers

Recently a team of pro bono lawyers and law students responded to over 250 legal questions posted by the public to the SC Bar online forum, SC.  The civil issues included family law, employment, bankruptcy, immigration, probate and more!  One thing we found is that often the persons situation may be slightly different but the question was basically the same. For example, the public may tell you a long story on why they need a divorce but the basic question is ” how do I get a divorce?”  After drafting and sending almost the same response over and over, it becomes clear that model answers ( that could be altered to fit a specific unique issue) are needed!  And this is where we need help!  The good news!  You can pick the topic and we have instructions and ideas for finding solutions.  These are not law school exam responses! No citations! No complex analysis! Yes, issue spotting! Yes, creative writing! and YES to problem solving.

Contact the Pro Bono Program today and get started on your first model answer.