A client who really, really, really…

does not like his ex-wife or her lawyer!  Request for “trial by combat” DENIED. https://amp.desmoinesregister.com/amp/4456079002?__twitter_impression=true

SC Law on the subject!

2012 South Carolina Code of Laws Title 16 – Crimes and Offenses
Section 16-3-420 – Carrying or delivering challenge; serving as second.

Universal Citation: SC Code § 16-3-420 (2012)

Whoever shall (a) willingly or knowingly carry or deliver any such challenge in writing or verbally deliver any message intended as, or purporting to be, such a challenge, (b) be present at the fighting of any duel as a second or (c) aid or give countenance thereto shall, for every such offense, on conviction thereof, be forever disabled from holding any office of honor or trust in this State and shall be imprisoned in the Penitentiary for a term not exceeding two years, at the discretion of the court, and shall be fined in a sum not less than five hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars.

HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 16-62; 1952 Code Section 16-62; 1942 Code Section 1118; 1932 Code Section 1118; Cr. C. ’22 Section 16; Cr. C. ’12 Section 154; Cr. C. ’02 Section 126; G. S. 2469; R. S. 126; 1880 (17) 502.