Call for Talent!

Open Casting Call!

All law school community members! 

  Have you gained any new talents or hobbies over the last year? Do you have any passions to share? Do you have pets that simply need to be on camera?  Sing, write poetry? Want to be a star?

Here is your chance to show off!  

A group of students, in conjunction with the  Pro Bono Program is planning the first ever (virtual) Variety Show! The goal is to have a little fun, showcase our community and yes, donations will be accepted. The money raised will be used for ongoing acts of kindness to show our appreciation to the wonderful maintenance staff!  They keep our building clean and our world-class facility in shape for us to learn and advance our profession.  We want to show our appreciation with tokens of appreciation on a regular basis as a means of thanking them for their hard work. You can make that happen!

This is where you have an opportunity to shine! 

The show will be live streamed, and feature short videos submitted by you! All you need to do is film a short video showcasing your passion! This could be a talent, a hobby, a collection or even your pets being adorable! The video can be as long or short as you like and can be filmed on your phone or any other method you have at your disposal. Need an idea? We have ideas- top 10 lists, playing a musical instrament…

Once acts are selected and compiled into a show it will be available to all to see your talent!

Questions or ideas? Contact Michael Crump at: