Pam Robinson

6 September 2017

Why is Grace Chandler a Star?  She stepped up in the Spring for a dull project- data entry! Yuck. The Pro Bono Program needed someone to enter the information on the Intake Forms from the  HELP-Homeless Legal Clinic.  This was a routine that required someone who could decipher lawyer handwriting and acronyms and Grace was up to the challenge.  She would drop in between classes to enter date.  What is extra special about our Star Volunteer!  She is continuing this project this semester!  The HELP forms piled up over the summer but Grace is here between classes and spading assignments entering data. For her dedication to this simple but necessary task Grace has been named a STAR volunteer by the Pro Bono Program.

Congratulate Grace and if you get a photo of her with her dressed up locker, please share