The Roaring 20’s are Calling

Each year Harvest Hope Food Bank holds a HUGE fundraising Gala and Silent Auction.  This year the event is March 16th and the theme is “The Roaring 20’s”

Harvest Hope needs the help of 10-15 volunteers to assist with the auction.  You can dress up or just wear a cocktail dress or dark suit!  The tickets are usually $120 apiece but you get in free! Dinner, dancing and drinks for a few hours of your time!  Only a deal the Great Gatsby would make!


Can my boy/girl friend volunteer even if they are not a law student? YES                                                                                                                                               What time will I have to arrive? 5pm, in order to get trained on the electronic auction system   Will I have fun and help HHFB raise a ton of $$$$?  YES                                                                   How do I sign up? The first 15 people to contact the Pro Bono Program get to go to this event